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Earth Market is a variety editor and distributor of seedlings, which seeks out innovative plant varieties from breeders and develops them through its network of approved producers.

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Central actor, in connection with all the players in the sector

Earth Market in conjunction with all the players in the sector, our objective is to support the fruit and vegetable sector towards a production that allows producers to live well while respecting the land and the products.



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What is the role of Earth Market?

Earth Market offers you the benefit of its network of technical, legal and institutional experts.

From the producers :
Earth Market helps you to develop your network and your scale of production, while respecting the earth and your profitability.

To variety creators:
Earth Market protects and sets up test conditions your varieties in the field.

From distributors :
Earth Market participates in the development of new varieties, builds their reputation and distributes them.

The teams
of Earth Market 

The versatility of our teams provides all the skills necessary for variety production. Our men and women in the field, passionate technicians, master the production business and bring you their know-how and that of their entire network. Our support functions (legal, marketing) put their expertise at your service to support, supervise and give life to your varietal development projects. And the little extra that makes the difference is this constant reflection to create the conditions for the success of your variety: identifying its place on the market and developing its production area around a business model that is good for all the players in the sector.

Our values

Earth Market values

Activator of your taste buds

Convinced by the importance and future of taste, we help you to highlight your gustatory nuggets

A player in varietal innovation

Committed to your side, we are working on the development of varieties to offer food diversity.

Bringing together the production chain

On our scale, we are setting up links between people to enhance the value of the agricultural and arboricultural sector.

Connector for your production areas

We use our worldwide network to find the right varieties for your production area.

With you every step of the way to create a successful brand!

1. A breeder creates a promising variety

2. It is submitted to a network to assess/confirm its potential

3. Our partners allow us to collect agronomic data worldwide

4. The variety's potential is confirmed, we bring this variety to the market in a secure way

5. The variety is identified by a brand universe and its product promise

6. It is protected in the context of controlled licensing

7. It is safely propagated in a network of nurseries to expand its production and propagation area to meet the demand of producers

Marvella - fraise earth market

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More than a hundred varieties are available to complement and accompany your development whatever your production area.


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