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360° support for the plant's challenges

Earth Market provides a turnkey solution for the management of variety publishing and brand licensing. Its dual expertise in the field and in support functions covers and protects producers, breeders and licensees. Cultivating taste, developing the varietal nuggets of the future, tolerant to diseases and adapted to different climates, this is the challenge for our teams.

Earth Market's competencies 

The "Planting" solution is a complete service and a unique global know-how made available to our partners.


Optimising production

The know-how of our variety developers provides you with valuable support in the development of your varieties.

Acclimatisation of varieties

Planting and study of varieties on different sites, climates and technical itineraries.

Data collection 

Centralisation and analysis of data collected from various nurserymen, producers and breeders.

Production optimisation

Construction of an optimised production schedule, with optimisation of fruit production

End-to-end plant and production control

Support throughout the production chain from plant to fruit for sale 


Protecting your interests

Preserving the know-how of the breeder, producers and licensees to create a virtuous production ecosystem is one of Earth Market's fundamental missions.

NDA (Non disclosure Agreement), LOI (Letter of Intention) 

Protection of partners' rights, confidentiality, rigour, commitment and security around the world.

Varietal protection (the development of a selection, a variety)

Management on your behalf of the protection modalities in direct link with the protection organisations (UPOV PRISMA, ONSSA,...)

Test, evaluation or optimisation licence

Supervision of acclimatisation practices and hybrid scoring to contribute to the development of a variety in a methodical application of its experiments.

Licence to propagate

Deployment of licensing and control systems to supervise, advise and mentor partner networks for themultiplication and breeding of plant material, as well as marketing with delegation of rights (exploitation of VOCs, trademarks, agronomic data).

Deployment of business models

Modelling of value chains with transparent and virtuous management fees.

International networks of lawyers and specialists

Simple canvassing and long-term partnership through athen specialised by geographical areas and fields of expertise


Sublimating the product

A brand is above all a story, a personality and a promise made to consumers. It builds the foundation for brand awareness and development potential. This is where Earth Market comes in.

Develop the attractiveness of the brand

Creating a brand strategy that meets consumer expectations and values variety.

Equip with marketing tools 

Declination of the brand in the classic areas of trade marketing: website, brochures, flyers, POS, social networks, packaging.

Support for the animation of producers' clubs
Events and communication with the sector, the press and distribution networks.


Multiply your ambitions

Modelling the business of your variety is central to its development potential. Our sales teams will guide you to success.

Development of a production network 

Support through our network for the international establishment of your plants.

Setting up a producers' club

Supporting the development of the producers' club through a communicative and structured approach.

Breakdown of the value chain from A to Z

Business modelling at all stages to define a winning medium-term strategy.

Increasing the number of members

Networking in the global Earth Market ecosystem.


Discover our plant catalogue

More than a hundred varieties are available to complement and accompany your development whatever your production area.


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