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We help breeders create a business model that accelerates the development of their varieties.



Earth Market drives varietal innovation by setting up experimental conditions around the world in its evaluation network to identify operating characteristics.


Earth Market researches the most favourable technical itineraries for new varieties through numerous development and analysis trials in its scientific laboratories.


Earth Market's legal team is responsible for organising the protection of rights relating to the variety, protecting breeders and implementing production and exploitation contracts and licences.


Earth Market organises the marketing of the varieties by including your variety in its plant catalogue and distributing it to its worldwide network of partners.

Varietal innovation

Varietal innovation is one of our major challenges in order to contribute to the creation of virtuous varieties for the sector and the consumer, and economically sustainable for producers. The objective, in the first instance, is to verify the variety's potential.

Our technical and scientific field teams are at the heart of this process and will help you to identify the characteristics of your variety:

  • Import and conservation of plant material
  • Production management in all agricultural climates
  • Scientific studies and trials to characterise the variety
  • Analysis of the standard and French sensory panel
  • Identification of the ideal market for the variety and definition of the associated protections

Do you have an intuition of the potential qualities of a variety? By relying on Earth Market, you have a technical and scientific approach that allows you to verify this intuition and to undertake development only if this potential is confirmed and identified. 

Varietal optimisation

Once the potential of the variety has been identified, we conduct numerous tests to optimise production and build up a knowledge base of your variety.

Our trial licences protect your variety and allow you to rely on our global evaluation network, which grows the variety under conditions covering all agricultural conditions in the world. Our evaluators inform us of the various tests carried out and document a complete knowledge base for your variety: plant multiplication, production conditions, pathological diagnostics, etc.

Accompanying future producers is a guarantee of success in the implementation of a new variety. We help you to define the best technical itinerary for your variety in each country, and the conditions for accelerating its production.

Variety protection

Legal protection is an essential step before marketing your variety. The stakes are so high that we have chosen to internalise a complete legal service to help you protect your products. To ensure that varietal innovation is both conducted in the world, without risk of theft, we put in place all the associated legal elements:

  • NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)
  • LOI (Letter of intent)
  • Link with protection bodies (UPOV/PRISMA, ONSSA,...)
  • Test, evaluation or optimisation licence 
  • Licence to propagate
  • Creation and protection of the brand

Our legal teams can also rely on our worldwide legal networks (lawyers, legal experts, etc.) to provide you with a high level of protection and a tailor-made response. 

At Earth Market, we do not make standard contracts, but a personalised protection strategy. We put all our energy into defending your rights. The supervision of varietal innovation is essential for your future interests.


Earth Market is present with its various subsidiaries throughout the world, and gives you the benefit of its marketing network to accelerate your development. Our sales teams around the world are at your side to help you discover and buy your variety. With more than 2,500 contacts established in the industry, we help you promote your variety. In addition, our marketing department provides you with its expertise in creating the brand and its sales support tools.

Earth Market offers you the possibility to increase your number of licensees, based on marketing and commercial know-how, which we put at your service.


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